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How to make an identity theft records request:

At Spotloan, we take identity theft very seriously. If you believe an unauthorized person has submitted a Spotloan application or received a loan using your personal information, you have the right to request from us any business records that we maintain relating to transactions and accounts that resulted from the theft of your identity.

To request these records, please mail your request to:

Attn: Spotloan, P.O. Box 720, Belcourt, ND 58316.

With your request, please include:

  • Proof of your identity, such as a copy of a government-issued identification card;
  • A copy of the police report you filed regarding the identity theft; and
  • A completed affidavit of identity theft similar in form to the one that can be created using the FTC’s Identity Theft Report at

You may also authorize a law enforcement officer to make the request on your behalf.

Please note that if we are unable to verify the identity of the person asking for the information, if in our judgement the request for records appears to be based on a misrepresentation, or if you’re requesting Internet navigational data or similar website visit information, we will not be able to honor such requests, in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

(888) 681-6811

Belcourt, ND